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Website for Wielfaert Architecten to showcase their most prominent projects. Part of their redesigned visual identity.

Dogma Mercator 1
Dogma Mercatorspecimen
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Mercator: reviving a modern typeface is the research project in which we explore the revitalization of Mercator, the first Dutch neo-grotesk typeface. Mercator was originally designed by Dick Dooijes and released by Lettergieterij Amsterdam in 1958. Read more about the project at

Dogma Girlwithdeadbird Cover
Dogma Girlwithdeadbird Layout 1
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Leuven University Press employed us to design Girl with dead bird, a book in which art theorist Volkmar Mühleis explores an enigmatic sixteenth-century portrait from an intercultural perspective.

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Established in 1968 and ever evolving to meet the needs of contemporary society, Wielfaert Architecten asked us to realign their visual identity accordingly.

Dogma Dogmata Cover 1
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Since the formation of DOGMA in 2015, we have frequently been asked about the nature of our moniker. In response, we conceived Dogmata: a publication to elucidate and exemplify the name DOGMA in relation to our daily practice.

Dogma Frederichooftphone
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Website showcasing the work of interior designer Frederic Hooft.

Dogma Contactzones Mockup
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Book cover design for Contact Zones, an academic exploration of the role of photography in U.S. migrant histories. Published by Leuven University Press.

Dogma Fitbaseline Indesign 1
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Fitbaseline is our extension for InDesign to create better baseline grids. Find out more on or read our article explaining its concept and functionality.

Dogma Memoryonmydoorstep Cover
Dogma Memoryonmydoorstep Layout 1
Dogma Memoryonmydoorstep Layout 2
Dogma Memoryonmydoorstep Layout 3
Dogma Memoryonmydoorstep Layout 4
Dogma Memoryonmydoorstep Layout 5
Dogma Memoryonmydoorstep Layout 6
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Memory on my doorstep acts as both a diary and an academic work in which sociologist Sarah Gensburger presents her in-depth analysis of grassroots memorialisation processes after the November 2015 Paris attacks. Commissioned by Leuven University Press.

Dogma Aclassoftheirown Cover
Dogma Aclassoftheirown Layout 1
Dogma Aclassoftheirown Layout 2
Dogma Aclassoftheirown Layout 3
Dogma Aclassoftheirown Layout 4
Dogma Aclassoftheirown Layout 5
Dogma Aclassoftheirown Layout 6
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A class of their own by Maren Polte is the second volume in the Lieven Gevaert Series, a peer reviewed series of scholarly books on the presence of photography within modern culture and the visual arts. We redesigned the series for Leuven University Press in 2016.

Dogma Yieldswebsite1
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Dogma Yieldsapplication1
Dogma Yieldsapplication3
Dogma Yieldslogo
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Yields is an automated testing framework that analyses the quality of financial analytics. We designed a lightweight visual identity, website and user interface for the software itself.

Dogma Nieuwetijdingen Cover 2018
Dogma Nieuwetijdingen Layout 1
Dogma Nieuwetijdingen Layout 4
Dogma Nieuwetijdingen Layout 3
Dogma Nieuwetijdingen Layout 2
Dogma Nieuwetijdingen Layout 5
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Bookdesign for Nieuwe Tijdingen, an annual scholarly journal on the topic of early modern history. Published by Leuven University Press.

Dogma Nelsonbusinesscard
Dogma Nelsonprintedmatter
Dogma Nelsonartwork
Dogma Nelsonnote
Dogma Nelson Technical Drawing
Dogma Nelsonlogo
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The custom logotype and lightweight visual system we designed for art distributor Nelson provides a visual identity that can be easily applied to stationary, packaging and digital media.

Dogma Allesverandertaltijd Cover
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Book cover design for Alles verandert altijd, a reference book on the topic of literary translation. Published by Leuven University Press.

Dogma Parzival Cover
Dogma Parzival Layout 1
Dogma Parzival Detail 1
Dogma Parzival Layout 2
Dogma Parzival Layout 3
Dogma Parzival Layout 4
Dogma Parzival Detail 3
Dogma Parzival Layout 6
Dogma Parzival Layout 7
Dogma Parzival Layout 8
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The Lieven Gevaert Series, published by Leuven University Press, is a peer reviewed series of scholarly books on the presence of photography within modern culture and, in particular, the visual arts. In 2016, Leuven University Press asked us to update the series with a contemporary design that appeals to a wider audience. Victor Burgin's Parzival in Leuven is the first volume in the redesigned series.

Dogma Elenidebobusinesscardsdetail1
Dogma Elenidebobusinesscardshanddrawn
Dogma Elenidebobusinesscardsdetail2
Dogma Elenidebobusinesscards
Dogma Elenidebostationary
Dogma Elenidebowebsite1
Dogma Elenidebowebsite2
Dogma Elenidebowebsitemobile4
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Visual identity and portfolio website for illustrator Eleni Debo, in which the narrative quality of her work formed the basis of our concept.

Dogma Detaalvandegeschiedenis Mockup
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Book cover design for De taal van de geschiedenis, a manual for historical discourse analysis. Published by Leuven University Press.

Dogma Studioethnicraftlogo
Dogma Studioethnicraftwebsite1
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Dogma Studioethnicraftworkshop1
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By designing their visual identity and website, we rebranded Studio Ethnicraft, the business-to-business branch of Ethnicraft, to help them establish a position in the global market as a supplier of furniture for commercial clients.

Dogma Xaviertruantenvelope
Dogma Xaviertruantbusinesscards
Dogma Xaviertruantstationary
Dogma Xaviertruantwebsite
Dogma Xaviertruantwebsitemobile
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We redefined the visual identity and developed a portfolio website for illustrator Xavier Truant.

Dogma Ethnicraft Catalogue 1
Dogma Ethnicraft Layout 1
Dogma Ethnicraft Layout 2
Dogma Ethnicraft Layout 3
Dogma Ethnicraft Layout 4
Dogma Ethnicraft Layout 5
Dogma Ethnicraft Detail
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Furniture manufacturer Ethnicraft hired us to design their extensive product catalogue that features around 600 products and is distributed throughout Europe, Asia and the United States in an edition of over 25,000 copies.

Dogma Newfrontbusinesscards1
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New Front is the alias of developer Niels Dequeker. We designed his logo, visual identity and website.

Dogma Johanwambacqtablet
Dogma Johanwambacqwebsite1
Dogma Johanwambacqwebsite2
Dogma Johanwambacqwebsite3
Dogma Johanwambacqmobile1
Dogma Johanwambacqmobile2
Dogma Johanwambacqmobile3
Dogma Johanwambacqmobile4
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Website for poet Johan Wambacq that contains an overview of his oeuvre and excerpts of his writings. It also offers Johan Wambacq the possibility to sell available items.

Dogma Sophierecourlogo
Dogma Sophierecourtag
Dogma Sophierecourtags
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Sophie Recour is an Antwerp designer of leather accessories. We designed a typographic mark and visual identity to accompany her new line of products.

Dogma Metastationary
Dogma Metastationarydetail
Dogma Metabusinesscards
Dogma Metawebsite
Dogma Metawebsitemobile
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The poetic characteristics of code inspired us to design a visual identity for Meta, the moniker under which Mitchell van Beurden works as a front-end developer.

Dogma Joziasboonebusinesscard
Dogma Joziasboonebusinesscards
Dogma Joziasboonestationary
Dogma Joziasboonewebsite
Dogma Joziasbooneheidelberg
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A frank visual identity for contemporary letterpress printer Jozias Boone, which includes stationary and a website.

Dogma Coldwartriangle Cover
Dogma Coldwartriangle Layout 1
Dogma Coldwartriangle Layout 2
Dogma Coldwartriangle Layout 3
Dogma Coldwartriangle Layout 4
Dogma Coldwartriangle Layout 5
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Bookdesign for Cold War Triangle by Renhilde Loeckx for Lipsius Leuven which publishes popular science books. We also designed the typeface that’s used on the cover and made its debut with the release of this book.

Dogma Zoviecards1
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Zovie is a brand of children’s shoes and accessories by designer Sophie Recour. We designed a logo and visual identity system for Zovie, inspired by the playfulness of her designs.

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